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The idea how you are sitting in the chair and you are getting a perfect massage is almost relaxing as the massage itself.

But the chair is a big investment and if you don´t want to spend so much money, the proper option for you could be a massage cushion.

Easy, convenient and so fast to install that you can enjoy an awesome massage in just a seconds.

The market of massage cushions is full of devices and you can get a little bit confused when you decide to get one. This is the reason why we made this best massage cushion guide.

Under the comparison table, you will find massage cushion reviews with more detailed description of each of the models listed.

  • Three massage styles
  • Heat function: yes
  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 17.7 x 7.6
  • Price: $$
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  • 3 levels of vibration massage
  • Heat function: yes
  • Dimensions: 30 x 16.5 x 7.9
  • Price: $$
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Gideon-Luxury Massaging Cushion
  • 3 levels of vibration massage
  • Heat function: yes
  • Price: $$
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  • Three massage programs
  • Air massage compresse
  • Dimensions: 24.6 x 6.5 x 18.9
  • Price: $$
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HoMedics MCS-610H
  • Massager: 4 rollers
  • Heat function: yes
  • Dimensions 3.9 x 17.1 x 6.7
  • Price: $$
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Massage Cushion Reviews

HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion – Great office chair massage pad

HoMedics MCS-610H Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion with HeatThe HoMedics MCS-610H is a massage pad for a chair, which provides full coverage of your back and shoulders.

This top-rated model offers three massage styles. Select either the rolling massage style for a gentle massage, kneading style for a deeply relaxing effect, or spot if you want to focus on a certain area. Choose from four massage zones, For upper, lower, middle back or even full body.

HoMedics MCS-610H offers customizable intensity, soothing heat, and adjustable width.


What we love:

  • Brown color and design looks nice in my office
  • It features 3D full contour technology so the massage nodes can travel up and down your back
  • Deep kneading shiatsu massage – forward or back
  • Easy to use hand control to control the intensity level
  • There is a heat button


This massager worked right away to give a relief by massaging deep and hard. It’s a bit smaller than an average size massager but much stronger than most on the market.

It gives a deep, lasting massage, and you can adapt the intensity without a problem. I place this heated chair pad in your recliner chair and adjust the intensity by sitting back against the chair or reclining.

If you are looking for a massager to get deep knots out or just relaxing to the body this is a shiatsu massage chair pad for you.


Sharper Image MSI-CS775H – Pretty cool an air massage experience 

Little bit different massage cushion on this list. The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H has a great feature – an air massage.Sharper Image MSI-CS775H

The air bags create a very gentle experience. For the back, you have two rollers that travel up and down and provide you with a deep kneading massage.

With the remote control, you are able to set the intensity and the cushion to focus on the specific area of your body which needs the attention.

What we love:

  • Adjustable intensity for air massage
  • Two Shiatsu nodes provide a deep kneading massage
  • Soothing heat enhances your massage experience
  • Three massage programs

Easily adjust the air intensity to low, medium, or high and massage your lower, upper, or entire back for the exact massage you need.

Two Shiatsu nodes travel up and down your back for a deep kneading massage. Choose the optional soothing heat to enhance your massage experience.

If you are looking for the well working and intense massage cushion a for chair, then this is a great choice.


Gideon Luxury Six-Program Cushion – Ideal Shiatsu cushion for office

Just sit down in your chair and with the Gideon Luxury Massaging Cushion, you can get an excellent and instant relief with a Shiatsu massage.

As other massage cushions on this list, this device has several intensity levels, full body or target area focusing deep-kneading massage.

What we love:

  • Four rotating 3D massage nodes
  • Choose from three pre-set massage programs that target different zones: Full back, upper back, or lower back.
  • Dual speed setting enables you to choose how fast the massage nodes move.
  • Spot massage feature positions the massage nodes on a specific part of the back.
  • Massage intensity can easily be customized.
  • Optional heat function provides a gentle warmth.
  • Vibration massage on the seat cushion provides additional relaxation.
  • Auto shut-off timer – choose from five, ten, or fifteen minutes.

 Gideon Luxury is the perfect heated massage chair pad for your office. 


Five Star FS8812 Seat Cushion – Great heated chair pad for home

The Five Star FS8812 massage cushion is an awesome device.

It covers entire back, neck and thighs, so you can really enjoy your heating back massager. 10 motors, 4 massage programs, and 3 speed are ready for your vibration experience.

Target the massage just for one of the four zones, a combination of several or all four zones which include lower back, upper back, shoulders, lumbar and thighs.

What we love:

  • Delivers vibrations, which can help alleviate back pain
  • Hand control unit makes it effortless to switch settings and speeds
  • Capable of targeting four zones, including shoulders/upper back, lower back,
    lumbar and thigh
  • Entirely portable
  • Additional safety – 30-minute automatic shutoff
  • 3-year Warranty

There are many people that use this product and love it, even men that are large. It can accommodate many body types since it is something that can be placed on a seat of your choice.



Zyllion ZMA-14-BK –  Best heated chair pad you can find

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK FDA Shiatsu Massager Cushion with HeatZyllion ZMA-14BK features an adjustable back strap that you can attach to your office chair, car seat or any chair you want.

It is great, that you are able to enjoy the (neck, upper and lower back) massage in your job, or even in the car. Using rolling and kneading technique, the vibrating pad helps blood circulation and relieve muscle tension.

The Zyllion ZMA-14-BK provides the user with Shiatzu massage, 4 rollers for the shoulder and another four for the neck massage (with heating function) double the experience.

What we love:

  • Easy to setup, easy to adjust.
  • Get a full body massage or just target special area.
  • Full back, lower back and upper back massage with different intensity levels.
  • The heating function that soothes aching muscles.
  • The adjustable vibration and heat levels are ideal and effective in treating mild back spasms.
  • You are getting a 90 days money back guaranty.

This model of massage cushion is perhaps the best you can find. [Read the full Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Review] 



HoMedics MCS-750H – Your perfect home massage cushion

HoMedics MCS-750H Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with HeatFor all users who are looking for ultimate massage experience, the HoMedics MCS-750H is an almost perfect choice.

It has a percussion massage, kneading option for deep muscle comfort and zone controls allowing you select full back, low back, upper back or just a spot for a customized massage.

What we love:

  • This Homedics massage chair pad has Quad Massage Nodes with heat control, ready for use with any chair.
  • Three massage styles in one cushion for the ultimate massage experience.
  • Percussion: for fast, invigorating massage
  • Kneading: for deep, muscle comfort
  • Rolling: for gentle, relaxing massage
  • Zone control which allows you to select full back, upper back, lower back, or spot, for a customized massage.
The HoMedics MCS-750H can be used at anytime and most probably anywhere. In the comfort of your home, it would provide you an astonishing full back massage and is fully customizable to support various other massage styles.  [Read the full HoMedics MCS-750H Review] 


Main Benefits Of Massage Cushions

Choosing a massage cushion is a good idea and your body will appreciate it. And if you are wondering why. we create a list of massage cushion benefits.

The Cheap Option

Want a regular massage, but you have no time for real human massager? Or not enough money for massaging chair?

Best Massage Cushion Reviews

A massage cushion is far cheaper than purchasing a massage chair.  

If you buy quality massage cushion, you still get plenty of great features like Shiatsu, kneading or in most cases heat massage.

Repairs and Replacement is cheaper

Same situation like in the last paragraph. If the massage chair breaks, the repairs are very expensive, but if breaks the cushion and the price of repair is big, why do not buy a new one?

Ease To Use

Most of the massage cushions are very easy to set up and use. They fit in the chair or car seat and with the basic and simple remote controls, they offer you the most important massage programs for you. A great choose for all people, who don´t like difficult technology.

It Isn´t Another Furniture

When you buy massaging chair or massage table, these devices need a lot of space. The massage cushion is portable and can be used on your existing pieces of furniture like chair or couch.

How Do Massage Cushions Work?

Don´t talk more about benefits of massage cushions, but do you know how these devices work?


These products are not made to be in one place, they are designed to be portable, to travel with you. For this reason, the massage cushions are easy to set up, just fold them over the chair or seat and strap it. Be sure about the power source connection, and that is all. Ready to be used.


Everything is set up, you are ready then turn the cushion on. Now you have activated the motors which are running the rollers and balls and they provide you with rolling. vibrating and chopping functions.


The user can choose the massage type, duration, intensity. The controls consist of dials and buttons, all is designed in simple, user-friendly style.


The massage cushions are very comfortable. They have an ideal ergonomic design with firm padding and strong stitching to help the user to sit comfortably for a full length of massage time.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for full massage experience and you don´t want invest money in the massage chair than massage cushion is the device you need to consider to buy.

Cheap, portable, many models fit in the chairs or car seats, you take the massage even in your office chair or in your car.

Consider what you needs are and select the either the full seat cushion or a small cushion that can target just a specific zone at a time.

The best massage cushion products on the list above were selected based on the user feedback and the quality, features and customer rating.

We hope that this list of the best massage cushion help you to find the ideal product.


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