VerteCore Lift – Receive Instant Back Pain Relief

Dealing with back pain is not a lot of fun and if you suffering from this kind of pain, we found an interesting product you should know about. The VerteCore Lift is a medical mobile decompression device that was designed to meet the demand for physicians and patients alike.

VerteCore Lift – Receive Instant Back Pain Relief

It is a very simple device. You just put it on you and manually decompress –  stretch or lift – the spine, anytime and anywhere. The device has two jacks, one on each site that can be jacked up until back pain relief is felt. You will have to use Lift for 20 minutes a day to feel results. It can be worn while doing light work or walking.

When the VerteCore Lift “jacks up” or stretches out the spinal column, it allows the ruptured disc to heal itself just like sealing a flat tire and re-inflating it with air. Instead of allowing the grinding of adjacent vertebrae, discs, or nerves, this decompression process enables a natural healing as it separates the grinding elements, and reduces pressure being placed on spinal nerve roots. Relief is immediate and can be initiated by wearing the “Lift” for only 20-minutes a day during normal daily activities.

VerteCore Lift - Receive Instant Back Pain Relief

VerteCore Lift Benefits

  • You will get immediate back pain relief without hanging upside down
  • Easy to but on and you can adjust to the precise amount of decompression you want
  • The VerteCore Lift is comfortable to wear
  • You can wear it over or under normal clothes
  • The Lift allows you activities such as jogging to increase blood flow during decompression
  • The improving cirulation accelerates the natural ability of body to heal itself
  • The “FDA Class 1-Cleared” device only weighs 4.3 lbs.
  • Comes with a 90-day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee


The VerteCore Lift has been successfully funded on Indiegogo and raised $400,000 from 1,100 people. If you like this idea, use the link below and learn even more about this interesting product.

Designer: VerteCore Technologies

All images via VerteCore Technologies/Indiegogo

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