Viberoll – Handheld Vibrating Muscle Roller

You can find a lot of devices that can help you roll out large extremities on your body, but if you want to target smaller areas with a real effectiveness, and use just one hand, this was a problem. The Viberoll is a solution if you want to durable, high effective roller for your achilles, feet, knee, shins, forearms, shoulders, and neck.

Viberoll - Handheld Vibrating Muscle Roller

The Viberoll was designed to be effective in areas that have been ignored by other products. A powerful Axel motor and 3 silicon rollers are promising a pretty good experience. 

Features of Viberoll

  • Powerful variable speed motor inside the wheel
  • ON/OFF button and 3-mode vibration setting selector
  • Circuit board with smart embedded vibration control
  • Two interchangeable roller wheel attachments
  • LED light indicator
  • Ergonomic design
  • Over-molded, slip resistant handgrip

Viberoll Video


Viberoll, the first handheld vibrating muscle roller, designed to deliver targeted pain relief for fitness rejuvenation raised successfully funds on their Kickstarter campaign and we are waiting for more customer reviews to know how effective this product really is.

Designer: Rob Sirstins

All images and video via Rob Sirstins/Indiegogo

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